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The History of ICE Wales 

In 1999 Christine Thomas was appointed as schools and community worker at Bethesda Baptist Church, Rogerstone, Newport. The schools part of her work began with a small group taking assemblies in three local schools.  Very quickly doors began to open into other schools and the work expanded into other areas such as lunchtime clubs, after schools clubs, Christian Unions, R.E. lessons, Bible Explorer etc.

Soon it was necessary to involve other churches in the area to meet the demand for the work and other very similar works began to spring up further afield. It also became apparent that other similar works existed elsewhere and that it might be a good idea to coordinate them and bring them all under one umbrella. This would address possible concerns over maintaining an evangelical standpoint to the work, over children’s safety and over the protection of the workers involved. After a meeting with Exeter Ice project we began to think in terms of forming ICE Wales. After much discussion, consultation and prayer ICE Wales was finally formed in December 2002. We believe that God has led us along a path to this point and believe that he will continue to bless both the work and this organisation.

The Advisors of ICE Wales
Rev Paul Stallard is the patron of the ICE Wales Trust.
ICE Wales relies on several other advisors for help in certain areas. ICE Wales is grateful for the assistance of the following people in various matters.

> Nigel Davies F.C.M.A
> Phil Symons L.L.B
> Tony Bugeja

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