ICE Wales is willing to help in any way it can in the school setting. We are always ready to take on new challenges and areas of work.

There are a number of activities that we currently offer and these pages highlight what we are doing and the areas where we can help schools. Currently all our activities are aimed at the Primary school age group and we are able to provide numerous references if required.

All activities are organised and provided free of charge, however, as a registered charity, ICE Wales is always grateful for any donations that will be used to help us reach more children, in more schools.

Donations are not limited to monetary gifts as ICE Wales is always looking for committed Christians to help with its growing work throughout Wales. Individuals interested in volunteering their time to ICE Wales and its work should contact Chris Thomas, and ensure that they have the backing of their local Church.

Click on the activities below for more details and if you need any further information please do get in touch.


Assemblies are held on a monthly basis and can be whole school or separate KS1 and KS2 events. ICE Wales is able to meet individual requirements for assemblies or is able to provide its own themes.  Special religious celebrations and Book Week assemblies are available.

Themes that ICE Wales has used previously include:
Moses and Maths – Key numbers in the Moses story, such as The 10 Commandments. (Exodus, Old Testament)
Baffling Battles – Miraculous battle found in the Old Testament
Allsorts – A selection of New Testament stories
Sharing and Caring – Social Education through Bible stories
Adventures in Acts – Stories from the book of Acts, New Testament

Bibles for Children

This charity is willing to provide every child in a primary school with either a Bible story book or a Rainbow Good News Bible free of charge.  ICE is encouraging the schools where we work to take up this scheme. Several schools have already done so and have been thrilled with the quality of the gifts they have received.

To learn more about this scheme contact us or visit Bibles for Children.

Discovery Clubs

Discovery Clubs take place at lunchtime or after school and are usually run by teams of 2 or 3 people lasting approximately 30 minutes.

For after school clubs parental permission is necessary.

The material used is often holiday Bible club programmes which are adapted to comply with school regulations. This is available for inspection by school governors if required and is produced by reputable Christian publishers.

RE Lessons

ICE Wales workers are available to assist RE teachers if required or are able to take lessons alone. The content of these lessons is dictated by the National Curriculum.  R.E. Lessons are regularly taught at some Primary schools in Gorseinon and Ebbw Vale.


Bible Explorer

This is a branch of the international charity ‘WALK THRU THE BIBLE’.  Some members of ICE have trained to teach BIBLE EXPLORER. It is taught to years 5 and 6 in five weekly one-hour sessions. The national association trains presenters. Old and New Testament courses are available. Offered free to schools.
For more information please visit

Book of Hope

This book forms the basis of a 1 hour lesson aimed at years 3 and 4 of primary school. It uses colours to introduce the children to the Gospel message.

The children consider:
God as King and creator (yellow)
Sin which spoilt God’s perfect world (black)
Salvation (red)
Forgiveness (white)
Growth (green)

The use of colour encourages the emotional empathy that schools now seek to cultivate in children. At the end of each lesson every child receives a copy of the Book of Hope to take home.


It's Your Move

During June and July Ice Wales will be distributing approx 700 of the book ‘It’s Your Move’ to children leaving primary school to start at the comprehensive school in September. Please pray for the Lord to use these books to help children facing this new challenge.