The ICE WALES Trust seeks to offer at least one event to schools during the academic year. This can involve ICE visiting schools or hosting schools in a local church. Outside agencies are often invited to host for these events to underline the work that ICE does on a regular basis. Some of these events are offered in all areas ICE works: others are offered regionally.

In January each year ICE holds a Thanksgiving Service. This is usually the 3rd Monday of the month and is held at Bethesda Rogerstone.

Past events include:-

  • ‘Everyone loves a Story – Special 3 day event in schools with Rev Paul Stallard.
  • A fortnight with Bob Hartman who is a well acclaimed children’s story teller. Bob visited over 20 schools.
  • A world cup soccer school where 15 schools were visited. The children were given soccer training followed by teaching from the Bible.
  • Various puppet shows have been offered to schools.
  • Rugby based activity involving practical skills and links with world food programme and Fair Trade.
  • Ryder Cup event golf skills and related Biblical teaching.
  • Easter Eggsplained – The Easter story presented through various media for year 6 children.
  • Y Christmas? – Exploring the Christmas story with year 3 children.
Monthly Prayer

A monthly prayer meeting is held the first Thursday of each month.

Venue: Bethesda, Rogerstone
Time: 7.30pm.

Prayer Space

One day programme hosted by the school where children are encouraged to pray interactively.
This event is popular as it supplements the SEAL curriculum.

Life Expo

Every year we try to host the Counties LIFE Exhibition.
We will post details of the next Expo here.

Get in touch for more information on our events.

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